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[[File:Kiwix 0.9 rc2 article served en screenshot.png|right|thumb|Comparte contenido en tu red local a través de HTTP.]]
'''With Con Kiwix, you can share content on your puedes compartir el contenido en tu LAN and even on e incluso en Internet.''' Kiwix integrates a integra un servidor HTTP/Web server, which can be started on demandque puedes iniciar a petición, directly from the directamente desde la interfaz de usuario Kiwix user interface. ThenDe esa forma, all users sharing the network can simply access your content using their browsertodos los usuarios que comparten tu misma red sólo tienen que acceder a tu contenido mediante su navegador, without installing themselves sin instalar Kiwix or downloading any ellos mismos o descargar cualquier archivo ZIM file.
Called [[kiwix-serve]], '''this server can also perfectly be started independently'''; it's available as a separate command line executable. This can be pretty useful if this is the only usage of Kiwix, on server or small devices. We use it, for example, for our [[kiwix-plug|Wifi hotspot solution]].
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